About Img

Premium Rotogravure Impression Roller Manufacturing Facility

Who We Are

Digital Engravers Limited has been committed in producing the highest quality rotogravure printing cylinder since the year 2000. Using machinery procured from MDC Max Daetwyler Switzerland and USA & HELL Gravure Systems, Germany, we have consistently met the needs of our clients in Bangladesh and overseas. It is our mission to remain pioneers in our field of expertise, and to continue to provide our clients with the best solutions possible by using the best of our knowledge and experience.

What We Do

Rotogravure is the highest quality printing method currently in existence, capable of printing images of the highest resolution, up to 1200 ppi, and is now an industrial standard with regards to production of industrial and commercial packaging that contain high resolution imagery. Rotogravure presses offer the highest volume for production of packaging, and uses industrial dyes more efficiently than all other known printing processes, and is thus the most optimum solution for producing packaging for high volume goods. At Digital Engravers Limited, we have been producing Impression Rollers by means of Rotogravure technology for the last 14 years, and with our knowledge and experience, we have grown capable of producing the best quality impression rollers with optimum efficiency, and in very little time, so our clients can receive or products and services promptly and without delay.

Our Staff & Management

Using our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists, we strive every day to produce the highest quality printing cylinder for our clients. Additionally, our designers and sales personnel are always available to provide our clients with all sorts of technical and non-technical assistance whenever they require it. Meet them here >>