Our Products & Services

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    Cylinder Preparation Process

    At Digital Engravers Limited, we are equipped to produce gravure cylinders from start to finish. The workflow process we maintain for production of our cylinders are as follows:
    Layout Preparation >> Screen/Angle Allocation >> Electrolyte Degreasing >> Nickel Plating >> Copper Plating >> Polishing (Surface Preparation) >> Engraving >> Electrolyte Degreasing >> Chrome Plating >> Chrome Polishing .

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    Principal Machineries

    All our rotogravure machineries and equipments are imported from overseas (USA, Germany and Switzerland) and regularly maintained and upgraded to the latest specifications. Our equipments include several "Galvanizing Units" (used for Electrolyte Degreasing and nickel, copper and chrome plating), "Polishmaster" (used for polishing), "Gravostar S+" (used for engraving).

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    Auxiliary Machines and Systems

    In addition to rotogravure machinery, our manufacturing facility is equipped with all necessary complimentaty machinery to ensure uninterrupted efficient production of gravure cylinders, such as our own dedicated power supply and air &water treatment plants. Our facility and staff is also trained to operate on a number of different operating systems and applications. Some of the operating systems we use are:
    Sun Solaris, Linux (Red hat, CentOS, Suse), MacOS X, Windows
    Our machines can operate all versions of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • Security & Confidentiality of Design

    Digital Engravers Ltd ensures strong security and confidentiality of design of any product. Since our establishment, we have encountered no problems regarding duplicity of design. Our company maintains strong policy against plagiarism, and a very strong understanding regarding the matter with all our valued clients.